Commercial A/C

Commercial air conditioning systems include rooftop package units and split systems both air and water-cooled. These systems require more maintenance than residential systems and service personnel with experience on commercial systems.

We install and service commercial systems from 1 1/2 to 100 tons. Some systems are water-cooled using a cooling tower to extract heat rather than an air-cooled fan powered condensing unit.

Maintenance Contracts: Filters are replaced, motor bearings greased, drain lines cleaned and treated to eliminate algae growth, belts adjusted and replaced, cooling tower water treated to minimize bacteria and scale (mineral) build up, Freon levels checked, motor and compressor amperages checked etc.

Maintenance contracts insure top performance of the system, help to eliminate equipment breakdowns and provide a clean indoor air quality for employees and customers.
This service is either done monthly or every other month. For light commercial systems quarterly contracts are offered. We can offer these services during normal business hours or on weekends where desired. Service call, parts and labor are offered at a reduced price but not included in a maintenance contract.

Complete Service Contracts: Service as above monthly, semi-monthly or quarterly. All service calls are included, including parts and labor.