Coil Cleaning

HVAC System components become soiled in several ways. It
might happen when particulate matter bypasses the air filters in the HVAC
system. Microbial growth can also take place when moisture in the system
contacts soil that contains spores or viable organisms. This growing microbial
material can also be carried by the air stream to other surfaces and
such as the coils.

There are a number of problems that can be associated with
dirty coils. A dirty
coil may increase power costs, while decreasing the ability of the HVAC system
to work to its full potential. Dirty coils may also shorten the life of the HVAC
system, while reducing the quality of a building’s indoor air qu

Coil cleaning requires usage of HEPA filtered negative air machines when
exhausting within a facility. Negative air machines must be operational
continuously during the complete coil reconditioning process. Man
y Affordable
Air & Heat members have years of experience cleaning HVAC system coils.